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Northeast village crobatics originated in ancient times, formed in Qin and Han dynasties, developed in Tang and Song dynasties, and flourished in Ming and Qing dynasties. Northeast Village artists have represented the Qing government to perform all over the world. Their superb skills are highly praised at home and abroad. Empress dowager Cixi personally praised and awarded the dragon lantern and porcelain pot as a reward, leaving a good history. Northeast village acrobatics schools include many classes, among them Joe, liu, li are the three most famous. There is a saying of "three classes compete to gallop China". Using hoes as props and practicing acrobatics in the fields ", acrobatics in northeast village still retains many traditional programs that are on the verge of extinction. In recent years, the park based on the northeast deep acrobatics village culture and "the Hometown of Chinese Acrobatics" brand, has built the first monomer acrobatics museum, Northeast Acrobatic Art School, Acrobatics Village Culture Square Cultural Street, Artificial Wetlands, Folk Acrobatics, Grand Theatre, eight imitating Ming and Qing dynasties acrobatics yard, Tiger Culture Park, water stream and landscape, lake reservoir engineering, lake amusement facilities and other special tourism projects. Take concrete action to protect, inherit and develop the northeast acrobatics village, the state-level intangible cultural heritage. "Up to 99, down to just walk, everyone practices acrobatics, and all can show their skills". Acrobatics has been integrated into the blood and bone of northeast village people. The image positioning of the park is :" meeting room of oriental acrobatics , charming show of dragon township ". Development goal of the park: building a high-quality cultural park integrating acrobatic performance, cultural display, cultural creativity, ecological tourism, health care, pension, leisure and other functions at the junction of Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces.

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